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The unfortunate issue of blacklisting of whistleblowers by some large construction companies brings Health & Safety to the forefront of the construction sectorís news agenda.

David Teasdale, Sales and Marketing Director of insulation manufacturer, Jablite argues that this is no bad thing: "Health & Safety is too often mocked as being the reason children canít play conkers or schools donít open on a snowy day. But with the blacklisting issue in the news so much at the moment itís a good time to reiterate the importance of Health & Safety.

ďAs a manufacturer, Health & Safety is at the heart of all our policy and management decisions and it not only keeps our employees safe, it improves efficiency, builds good morale and gives us a competitive edge.

ďAnd, I am not just talking about our production processes Ė important though they are - it includes the wellbeing and safety of all employees, whether they work in an office or like our sales team spend long hours on the road.

ďSo for construction companies re-examining their policies and looking for the reassurance that their suppliers are committed to Health & Safety, I can assure you that Jablite takes it very seriously.

ďTo demonstrate our commitment, this year we are working to achieve ISO 18001 which will help us to maintain our high standards and put in place the best procedures to ensure we continue to improve our performance.Ē

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